Accurl предлага селекция от висококачествени машини за рязане на метал, превъзхождащи конкуренцията. С нашите перфектно проектирани хидравлични гилотини, всички изисквания за рязане на метални плоскости ще бъдат достигнати. За професионални индустриални работници, които търсят перфектна конфигурация и удобство.


Здравата монолитна структура гарантира голяма стабилност и точност на рязане. Също така дизайнът е изработен с максимална функционалност и ефективност, така че да се сведе до минимум необходимостта от поддръжка на оператора.

Accurl® избира най-добрите продукти, за да гарантира на машините траен експлоатационен живот и технологично напреднали.
Компонентите, които съставляват гилотини, са произведени от водещи компании в тази област.

  • High-precision electric welding

  • CNC touch screen

  • Automatic cutting angle adjustment

  • Back-gauge adjustment actuated by a brushless motor with Can Open technology that combined with a high precision backgauge, directly assembled on the side frame of the machine, ensures fast movement and maximum precision

  • Bench with integrated balls to facilitate material handling

  • Blades grinded and hardened

  • Squaring arm with millimeter ruler

  • Lighting system of the cutting area

  • Three-function sheet support

  • Internal gear pump, quiet and reliable

  • Dedicated hydraulic system

  • Electric board with high quality components

  • Start & Stop system


In order to allow for an excellent cut the blade holder is driven on all its length and slides on suitable self-lubricating material shoes mounted on guiding pads.


According to the width and the thickness to be cut, a manual and very simple device allows for a fast and precise adjustment of the gap between the blades. The control tool on the side of the machine enables the Adjustment in tenths of a millimeter of the blades according to the thickness to be cut. It is possible to automate this process with a motorized system which through a numerical control automatically adjusts the optimal distance according to variations in thickness and type of material, becoming in this way a real axes managed by the Cnc.


ACCURL guillotine shears have a back gauge built in solid structure and assembled directly on the side frame of machine to produce high repetitiveness in time and high precision in axis positioing, without being affected by the vibrations produced during work cycles. In the guillotine shears the cylinders are perfectly in line with the blade holder, tilted at an trimming up to half its thickness and less wear of both seals and cylinders.


The guillotine shears of the Diamond series feature numerical controls that allow the improvement of operations reducing processing times and costs.

  • Simple and intuitive interface

  • 7” full touch screen technology

  • Cutting adjustment

  • Automatic adjustment of cutting angle

  • Automatic blade gap adjustment

  • Sheet support feature selection

  • Retract function

  • Materials library

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